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I have a 1997 nissan pathfinder suv. Recently there is a squealing noise around the fan belt area. It comes and goes. At idle as well as on the road. It seems like its worse at night when its damp. It eventually stops after driving a few miles.I took it to the shop assuming it was my belt. It was checked (not a nissan mechanic). They said nothing was wrong with the belt.I didnt ask if the tensioner was checked, it was on a lift so I assumed not.I need to take it back but dont want to be told same thing, any suggestions as to what the problem may be would be helpful.
January 6, 2006.

My girlfriend 97 Pathfinder made the same noise, we had it checked out and they couldn't find anything, but they said that it could be the water pump. A month later the water pump went out. Coincidence. Who knows. But its worth checking into.

Feb 16, 2006.
I had the same problem with my 98 Infinite QX4 (pretty much a pathfinder).

It had squealing noise in the belt area. It started out as intermitted, but later on developed more seriously.

I had all serpentine belts change (all 3 of them) and the noise was still there. Mech thought it was the bearing and had it change too, and it wasn't that at all. The mech tried on a new alternator since it had a pulley, but it wasn't the problem either.

At the end it was the cramshaft pulley that was making the noise. Changed that it was good. They said the cramshat pulley was a bad design, the rubber in the middle tend to wear out and would shift back and forth when you drive; hense the noise.

I thought it was the water pump, but if you don't hear a grinding noise then its not (you'll know the difference, tis really loud)

Check it out & see if that's the case, hope this help

Mar 14, 2006.