2001 Chevrolet Impala

Electrical problem
2001 Chevy Impala 6 cyl Automatic 83,000 miles

I have intermittent problems with all instrument panel lights & tail lights not working. Checked 2 fuses & one 15 amp mini fuse appears to be blown. Changed fuses & the problem randomly occurs. Dealership had vehicles for 4 days last fall & couldn't find source of problem. After putting everything back together, the problem disappeared until a month ago. I can leave the blown fuse in or change the fuse & the lights may or may not work. Can be driving & it will Had another mechanic look at it & he wants me to leave the vehicle for 2 days for " exploration". Any suggestions before I leave it? I am recovering from cancer treatments & don't want to have to leave the car for 2 more days & then pay for unnecessary diagnostics. I can make a limited donation to you.
March 14, 2010.

Do the illumination lights for A/C, Ash tray work? Do front park lights go out also? Would you give location name, Number of fuse that blows? What has been replaced?
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Mar 15, 2010.
The illumination lights for A/C & ashtray do not work. The front park lights DO work. The fuses are located in the passenger side instrument panel fuse block & the " Rear Prk Lamp" has been changed & blows almost immediately. (Just changed it again & when I cranked the engine & checked, it was blown.) Have also changed the " Front Prk Lamp" fuse which controls the front parking lamps & instrumentation lighting according to the owners manual. It is not blown at this time.

The hazard flashers work on all four lights. Radio works, but the clock display goes out when instrument lights are out. Haven't checked the cigarette lighters.


Mar 15, 2010.
That fuse powers up all effected items. So short somewhere start by removing tail light bulbs. If not that disconnect headlight switch. Also maybe dash shorted. Do you have a DVOM meter?

Mar 15, 2010.