2000 Chevrolet Impala

1. Make and Model of your Car
2000 Chevrolet Impala
2. Include the mileage
about 75,000
3. Automatic Transmission
4. 2 wheel drive

7. Past repair history if applicable
I just replaced the battery.

My car went into the dealership for about $3k of body work from a recent accident. When I got it back, it took a while to start and made a weird clicking noise. However, I got it started and took it to Murray's. They ran diagnostics on the battery and the cell was dead. I replaced the battery and everything seems fine. When I turned on the car, I noticed that the fuel gauge (registered at E), temperature controls, speedometer, odometer, and gear (P/N/D/.) Aren't working. I think I might have blown a fuse, but I'm not sure which fuse to change. If it something else, please let me know.
August 27, 2007.

After 3k in repairs.I think it should return to the shop! May need a new body control module. Or instrument cluster! Both are expensive!

Aug 27, 2007.
I took it to the dealership, and it turns out that something was unplugged in the dashboard. But I had to pay for $100 for them to plug it back in.

So, no thanks to this board!

Don't donate your money to this forum because you're going to get a lame answer like I received from Merlin.

Aug 30, 2007.