Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 1989 Chevy Corsica--4door with about 140,000 miles on it. IT DOES NOT HAVE ELECTRIC LOCKS. My problem happened due to a series of ice storms that made two of my doors so they would not open from the outside. My driver's door will not open from the out or inside! I have to open the driver's front door by using the rear door to open the passenger front door and then crossing over to the driver's seat so I can drive my car. It is a terrible pain in the rear and I can't figure out how to open the driver's door so I can try and fix it since I cannot open the door at all.
August 25, 2007.

Is this a power lock doors-if so check the fuse and relay -relay should be behind the right side kick panel, or behind right side of IP in relay bracket or glove compartment. Relay/fuse good.

Its gonna be hard working from the inside-Remove the door panel and look for loose wire at motor and test for a short circuit wiring -wire okay-replace door motor.

Aug 25, 2007.