Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 1996 Chevy Cosica, I will be driving down the road, and at certain speeds the front passenger side starts to shake it seems like its coming from the tire. I have had new brakes and roders put on and have had new tires put on, that were balanced. What can be the problem?
July 23, 2007.

What certain speeds are we talking about.

55mph, 65 mph

Jul 24, 2007.
If the shake began after the work, I would nicely explain the vibration to the folks who did the tire balancing and ask if they thought it may be the wheel balance causing this or what if may be. I say " nicley" because you do not want to put them on the defensive. Ask them if they could recheck the balance because your Uncle Paul works in a Niagara Falls shop and says that he says it is most common to be this.

The car was shaking before the work, that is why I had it done. I was told that bad roders can cause a car to shake so I changed them, then the tires, still shakes. I just don't know what to do next.

Jul 25, 2007.
If you paid to have it diagnosed, take it back. If you didn't, then you may need to have it diagnosed. It may be a bent rim, (not tire balance assuming it was done right). The front end should be checked including wheel bearings, worn out lug nuts, control arm bushings, tie rods and rack for any play.