Chevrolet Cheyenne

1998 6cyl. Chevy pick-up 102,000 mi truck in mint condition.
Husband on road and truck only clicks when I go to start. Won't take a " normal" jump. Just clicks. Will start if someone climbs under and attaches jumper cables to starter from truck's own battery. Seems like solenoid frozen? Battery new and putting out good spark on jumper cables. Any ideas. Help!
March 6, 2007.

First off, I was always NEVER to do it this way, this is why there are components in the system so that there is not too much voltage, next, I would drop the starter and take to auto parts store, most of them can check the starter and solenoid, if they both test ok, I would replace both cables on the battery, do this while you have the starter down, or you may have to drop it again to do this. Or you can try and clean the connections on both ends of both cables, especially the ground wire, which goes to the block, I had a similar problem, and after all this work, come to find out, inside the casing of my cable to the starter, it had corroded and was green(had to cut open to find)problem was fixed.

Mar 10, 2007.
It sounds to me as if your alternator went out bro or the start might be going bad or sometimes battery can be bad even when they are brand new I bought 2 new ones and they both didnt work so I went to other walmart and bought one and it work just fine although I did get my money back for it

May 25, 2007.