Chevrolet Cavalier

I would like to know where the fuel futer location is. Thank you
Lynn gessner
February 9, 2007.

Hey Sweetheart, They put those futers in the funniest places. We all need to know what all year you have of the Caviliar of yers.

Somewhere around 2000 or so they began to put them futers up above the evaporative cannister behind the fuel tank. Y'all need to drop down that cannister to git to it.

Feb 10, 2007.
I own a 91' Cavalier and I found mine right behind the gas tank. I looks like a silver canister with a line coming out of both ends of it. From what I've read, you need to take the fuse out for the fuel pump and start the car until it stalls. You do this so when you disconnect the lines from the Fuel Filter you don't get gas all over yourself. So be sure not to smoke. I'm not to sure if yours is going to require a special wrench or not. I'm sure you can check it up with your local Autozone or NAPA.

- Frank
Best Of Luck

Mar 1, 2007.