1991 Chevrolet Camaro

Engine Mechanical problem
1991 Chevy Camaro V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 181000 miles

Have a weird question... I have a 91' Camaro RS. Engine size is 350. When It gets fairly low on gasoline there is a part that starts to vibrate horribly causing what sounds to be metal on metal clashing. I localized the noise and found it's a small cylindrical housing, a 1/2" rubber hose runs into it coming from the firewall, then another hose leaves it and runs to the (looking at the engine) the left side of the Carb. It only makes this noise when It's low on gas (that i can hear, the car is a bit loud). Trying to figure out A. what the part is and B. why does it make this noise. The part also has a gauge on it with the name Holly. The guage does not appear to be opperative. Any input would be great Heres a photo of the part.

April 16, 2009.

That's an electric fuel pump that's been added on.
It's making that clacking sound cause it's cavitating.

Your car should have come with fuel injection, not a carburetor.

Sounds like someone did some modifications to the car before you bought it. And who knows where they are sucking the gas from out of the tank.
Hell, they may even be using the return line to the tank, that would explain why it does it when it gets low on fuel.

Apr 16, 2009.
Wow, thanks for the information. I suppose I need to have a mechanic take a closer look at the engine and see how it's put together. I talked to the original owner and he said they did some aftermarket work to it. Thanks for the information.

Apr 18, 2009.