Chevrolet Blazer

I bought a used 1995 Chevy Blazer S-10. Approx. 172,000 miles, V6. It started before I bought it. Now it won't start. My mechanic had narrowed it down to the computer. He ordered a brand new one. When it arrived he found that the Chevy dealer has to install it because it comes blank and they have to program it. So he had it towed to the local Chevy dealer who installed the new computer. The computer which is brand new and has never been on a vehicle which has fired, including the Blazer it was just installed on, is now running codes, one of which is saying that the ignition module is bad. Is this true that a computer which is brand new can have codes on a vehicle that it hasn't been fired on? Thank you for any help.
February 9, 2007.

He didn't narrow down nothing-he misdiagnosed it. Now you're stuck with a new PCM. Basic stuffs would have caught the No spark and signal to the PCM with a scantool.

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Feb 9, 2007.
I guess I should have elaborated a bit more. There Is spark. And when you spray stuff in carb.-Engine fires but as soon as you take it away the engine stops. It has new fuel pump assembly and filter. Mechanic said there is fuel right up to the plenum and the injector is OK. My only question is if the computer can show codes on a vehicle that has never been started with that computer before. Thank you.

Also is there a mailing address to send a donation? I do not have credit card and have never used PayPal. Thank you.

Feb 12, 2007.
Get a partner crank the engine over whlile listening to the injectors-is it clicking?

Have the fuel pressure check-its a critical thing must be in specs for EFI system. Could be the pressure regulator not maintaining the pressure. You have a fuel problem.

Feb 12, 2007.