1996 Chevrolet Blazer

Air Conditioning problem
1996 Chevy Blazer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 129964 miles

i have been working on my vehicle looking for the blower motor now for a couple of days. I have gone to multiple garages and each have told me differant locations. When most of them said under the dachboard, I had tried taking apart my dashboard but I couldnt enough to get to where the blower motor was located. But I dont know exactly where it was located. It seems as though I cant even locate the sixe or the shape ofthe blower motor or fan. Would u happen to be able to tell me the exact location an how to get to the blower motor?
November 9, 2009.

Hi cgodin,

Thank you for the donation.

The blower motor is located on right rear of engine compartment. Here are the removal and installation procedures.


Removal & Installation
1 . Disconnect negative battery cable. Disconnect blower motor electrical connections. Remove Vehicle Control Module (VCM), if necessary. Remove coolant recovery reservoir and blower motor cooling tube. Remove blower motor mounting screws.

2 . Cut access cover along dotted lines. See Fig. 2 . Remove upper half of access cover, tearing remaining portion of access cover. Remove blower motor. Remove nut attaching blower fan to blower motor shaft, and remove fan.

3 .To install, reverse removal procedure. Apply a bead of Black weatherstrip adhesive to cut and tear lines for access cover.

Nov 9, 2009.