1989 Chevrolet Blazer

Electrical problem
1989 Chevy Blazer V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 120000 miles

89 Blazer 350 w/ TBI 700r4

I tried starting my blazer the other day and got nothing. So I had someone jump me and I got it started after awhile; although it took awhile like my battery was completly dead- (brand new battery and I didn't leave the lights on) As soon as I took the red jumper off the truck died, did that twice. So I left the truck and came back to it the next day. Had battery tested- tested good, put a new ground wire on it. Found that the only thing I could get to work was the headlights. My stereo I put on accesories so I can turn it on even when not in run, and it wouldn't work. I don't even get a click from the starter. All fuses also checked good. Noticed that Batt part of fuse panel was the only side that got power in any mode- run, acc, start. And it won't start at all when jumping it anymore. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated- thanks Jake
December 3, 2007.

Get all your fusible links tested it has to be good otherwise it will no power the little colored miniature fuses.

Dec 3, 2007.
The only fuses that are powered are off of the battery section of panel. I am looking at the fusible links, so far they all look good. But its wiring from a 89 blazer put on a 69 blazer (TBI swap) so I'm just following wires right now. I put a jumper wire from Batt section of fuse panel to the crank fuse and it started to turn over. It blew the horn fuse so I stopped there, but thinking maybe it might be a ignition switch problem? Appreciate the suggestions.

Dec 4, 2007.
Check for power at the links before and after with a test light I don't recommend eyeball method. It doesn't tell you anything.

Dec 4, 2007.