1996 Chevrolet Beretta

Electrical problem
1996 Chevy Beretta 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 174880 miles

When I bought the car it had an after market cd player in it and it worked and the heater didnt. Now nothhing works and in my fuse box is number 11 and it keeps blowing just to put it in it blows the fuse but now the cd player dont work when it usse to. Iv unplug everything the cd player took that out the blower motor unplug and everything under the dash unpluged and it stills blows fuses can u help me please im stuck I just want my cd player to work?
December 2, 2009.

If you unplugged the radio and the blower motor, you have to have a dead short for this to happen. In your owner's manual, check to see what circuits that fuse covers. Also, I would recommend checking the wiring from the heater switch, to the relay, resister, and then motor for shorts. Do the same with the stereo power supply. There has to be a bare wire at some point that is grounding.

Let me know what you find.