CODES: P0741 & P1860 TCC

2000 Cadillac SLS

Transmission problem
2000 Cadillac SLS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 164K miles

Vehicle is setting service engine soon light for codes: P0741 & P1860
741= TCC stuck off
1860=PWM solenoid electrical fault
Both codes seem like they could be the result of the same failure however, I would like to know if I can reasonably troubleshoot this gripe with the tranny still in the car? Prob cause could simply be a short or open circuit which I should be able to confirm before obligating to a full on transmission overhaul.
In your experience, are these codes a sign of the devil?
I'm praying that is not the case; quote for repair over $4,000
August 31, 2010.

Since you have an 1860 attached, it is most often a faulty solenoid(melted connector). With a P0741, it can also indicate leakage in the hydraulic circuit, a faulty converter, or both. If you could read TCC slip data, you could determine for one if it is applying, and what the level of slip is.

Sep 1, 2010.
Thanks for your reply.

How do I obtain TCC slip data?

Sep 1, 2010.
It would have to be viewed on a scan tool.

Sep 1, 2010.