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Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Other Cadillac Models 6 cyl Automatic

Hello, The Cadillac Catera I drive is not getting oil pressure. I have basically had the engine placed, piece by piece. I finally took it in to the Cadillac dealership and they told me that all the lifters collapsed meaning the oil is not circulating and that all the bearings are worn or missing.
A new engine is suppose to cost $8400 + a possible $500 (for gaskets, etc.).

Would you happen to have any ideas on why there is no oil pressure?
February 3, 2009.

Hi there,

Engine oil pressure relies on the oil pump the pressure relief valve and the bearing oil clearances to be OK, if the pump is faulty it wont deliver the oil to the engine in sufficient quantities, if the pressure relief valve is faulty the pressure will be low, as will the pressure be low if the bearings are worn, normally worn bearings will show up as good oil pressure cold and low pressure when the oil is hot, the bearings are a common cause for oil pressure problems.

Mark (mhpautos)

Feb 3, 2009.
Will you get some kind of warning if the pressure relief valve is bad, like once the car warms up, you can seem smoke coming from under the engine? One more thing, is it illegal to shoot a car and plead insanity?
Thank you.

Feb 4, 2010.