2000 Cadillac Other

Suspension problem
2000 Other Cadillac Models All Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

what parts of the car does this mean is broken/ in need of service

October 15, 2010.

You are going to need a trouble code to determine what needs to happen. You can perform this by pressing the info button up, and the on/off button until the segments light, and then release(key on). Your info center will display ALL, press on/off again and it will display ALL CODES. Press on/off again and it will start displaying codes, and the first codes that display will be ABS codes. That is the ones you are concerned with. Record them and reply to this post.

Oct 15, 2010.
Suspension problem " service suspension system" 2000 Other Cadillac Models All Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

we have an info oval button, to its left is " info reset" or No and to its left is " trip reset" or yes.
The car has stopped giving me that message since I turned it on and off. I will try again tomorrow. Meanwhile there is no on and off to get the error message translated.

How do I get to error translation when it reappears using my dash buttoms

Oct 15, 2010.
Is this an Eldorado? I may have been incorrect, I assumed it was a Deville/DTS. I am not sure what made me think that. For an Eldorado, it would use the Off button, and the passenger temp up on the climate panel. From there it wil function somewhat the same, although it will just start to display codes, and not display the ALL, etc.

Oct 16, 2010.