2007 Cadillac Escalade

2007 Cadillac Escalade

Dear Pros!
I have a question for you. I have a Cadillac Escalade 2007 and I would like to install a device that would allow to get and to make phone calls from my mobile without using the mobile itself. How can it be done with the help of navigator display or some other device?
Can you please explain me more how it works and how to install it in my car?

Thanx in advance!
Ur advices are always of help!
June 18, 2010.

You are basically wanting bluetooth for a vehicle that don't have the capability for it. You would have to go with aftermarket, and I don't know what is all available for that. Does the onstar handsfree not have all the features you want?

Jun 20, 2010.
To be honest I dont know.
What features does the basical handsfree include?
Can you please tell me more abt it?
Thankx a lot!

Jun 21, 2010.
Before we get too involved, does your vehicle have Onstar, and is the account active? Here is some info on the system.
OnStar Personal Calling
The hands free, OnStar personal calling (OPC) cellular phone feature is an additional option to the OnStar system. This feature is already embedded within the vehicle communication interface module (VCIM), however, it must be activated by an OnStar advisor. This is done most often during the initial OnStar configuration, if the home location of the vehicle is in a geographic area where OnStar personal calling is available. In the event this feature is not enabled, customers may connect to the OnStar Call Center by pressing the blue OnStar button, and asking an advisor if OPC is available in their area. Users of the OnStar system can verify the system has been configured for OnStar Personal Calling by pressing the answer/end call button, waiting for the system to respond " OnStar Ready" then speaking the word " dial.&Quot; If the system responds with a failure message, the system has not been configured for OPC. All other responses confirm that OPC has been enabled.

Operation of the Hands Free Cellular Phone
Onstar personal calling (OPC) operates similar to most hand held cellular phones in that the availability for its usage is based on minutes or units. The customer must have a current OnStar subscription, as this feature cannot be utilized without it. To use OPC, the customer must also purchase units as outlined in the owners guide provided with the OnStar system. When the customer purchases minutes, an OnStar advisor loads these minutes into the vehicle communication interface module (VCIM) over the airwaves at the time of the request, or through a discrete cellular call to the vehicle at a later time. Once loaded into the module, the units may be used for non-international, outbound cellular phone calls, and connection with the OnStar virtual advisor. Units begin to deplete, 1 unit is equal to 1 minute, as the customer makes outbound phone calls, answers inbound phone calls, or while connected to the OnStar virtual advisor. In addition, units also have an expiration date, depending upon the type of units purchased. This date is established when the download is performed, and any remaining units expire when the date within the VCIM, global positioning system (GPS) satellites, has passed. At any time, the user can press the answer/end call button, say " Units" and verify the number of units remaining.

During a hands free call, the microphone and audio system operate the same way as a standard OnStar call. When the answer/end call button is pressed, the audio system will mute; the OnStar system will then return the prompt " OnStar Ready.&Quot; At this point there are specific commands set to initiate a cellular call. If the vehicle receives a call when the radio is ON, the audio system will mute and an audible ring will be heard though the speakers. The call will be answered when the answer/end call button is pressed.

The VCIM interprets all of the voice-activated commands. A complete list of these commands is supplied in the information provided to the customer. If the information is not available to reference, at any command prompt the caller can say " HELP" and the VCIM will return an audible list of available commands. If the customer concern is not being understood or not being heard by the OnStar system, the user should place a call to the OnStar call center to verify proper operation of the microphone. Following this description is an example of the commands and the OnStar system responses. A complete list of commands is supplied in the information provided to the customer with the OnStar system.

OnStar Steering Wheel Controls
Some vehicles equipped with the OnStar system have the capability of accessing voice mailboxes and other automated phone systems by means of the steering wheel controls, while the OnStar personal calling (OPC) feature is in use. If the Talk or Mute button, depending upon the vehicle, on the steering wheel controls are depressed during an OPC call, the vehicle communication module (VCIM) receives the message on the serial data bus from either the radio, the driver information module, or the body control module (BCM). This message is interpreted as a request to turn any spoken numbers into dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) tones to be delivered over the airwaves to the phone system the user is communicating with. Complete instructions for operation of these features can be found in the information provided to the customer with the OnStar system.

The steering wheel controls are a resistor network that consist of multiple momentary contact switches and a series of resistors. The switches and resistor network are arranged so that each switch has a different resistance value. When a switch is pressed, a voltage drop occurs in the resistor network, which produces a specific voltage value unique to the switch selected, to be interpreted by either the radio, driver information module, or BCM.

OPC Features
The following is an abbreviated list of features that may have an impact for the technician when servicing or diagnosing an OnStar system. For a full list of OnStar personal calling (OPC) features, consult the owner's guide provided to the customer with the OnStar system.

Voice Feedback
The OnStar personal calling (OPC) system has the capability of responding to the user with either an automated voice response or with a tone or beep. These 2 types of responses can be switched back and forth by pressing the answer/end call button, waiting for the system to respond " OnStar Ready" and speaking the phrase " voice feedback.&Quot; The system will then respond, " voice feedback is now ON/OFF.&Quot; OPC Security/System Lock
Customers have the capability to lock their OnStar personal calling (OPC) system by pressing the answer/end call button, speaking " security" and entering a 4-digit code. Once this process is complete, the user must enter the code before OnStar personal calling is available. In the event the customer cannot remember their code and is unable to use their system, they can press the blue OnStar button and speak to an advisor to unlock the system by means of a discrete cellular call to the vehicle.

Customers have the ability to store telephone numbers within the module, referenced by a nametag for the convenience of frequently dialed numbers. This process is initiated by pressing the answer/end call button, waiting for the system response, then speaking the response " store". The system will respond with " number please" at which time the user should enter the number desired to be stored. Once complete, saying the word " store" again lets the system know you are finished entering the number. At this time, the system will elicit the user to assign a nametag to that number. From this point forward, the user can dial this number by initiating the OnStar personal calling (OPC) feature, speaking the word " call, " and repeating the nametag assigned. To delete a nametag, the user should initiate OPC, say " delete" then speak the nametag to be removed. In the event a nametag cannot be deleted in spite of repeated attempts from several

Jun 22, 2010.