2004 Cadillac Escalade

Interior problem
2004 Cadillac Escalade V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 75000 miles

Oil pressure gauge not moving from " 0", plenty of oil in engine, not overheating, no strange noises or rattling. Does this sound like a bad sensor and how difficult is this to change?
September 4, 2009.

Hello and thanks for the donation!

This does sound like a faulty oil pressure sensor. To make sure, you will want to install a " T" fitting onto the sensor mounting hole and then connect a manual oil pressure gauge. Use the manual gauge to determine if the vehicle's gauge is reading accurately or faulty. If it is accurate, check your oil pump. If it is indeed a faulty reading, replace the sensor. It is located on the top rear of the engine. Disconnect electrical connector and unbolt from mounting location to replace.