Cadillac El Dorado

I have a 1985 El Dorado, 4.1 L engine 102,000 miles, and am a dummy about mechanics. However I was able to access the onboard computer, and have codes that show up and wonder what they might be.
Could anyone tell me what they might mean?

I also have disc brakes on all 4 wheels and have had an intermittent high squeal on the L R wheel. I have changed the brake pads and cleaned. The squeal goes away and then comes back. The rotors look fine, but I have not changed them. Could they be causing this noise? : Oops:
August 20, 2007.

Did you use caliper lube on the brakes?

Bme5628 wrote: Hey, thanks Paul, Recently had a problem with the oil pressure light flickering. I was driving with cruise control and the car surged. Had it into the shop.I don't think they reset the computer.I know how to access the onboard computer, but don't know how to reset it. It that a possibility or does the place I took the car to have to do it? And what exactly if you know, is a " Mat sensor"? Again. Thanks for your knowledge.

Aug 21, 2007.
Before we go too far down the pike, I would suggest getting a oil pressure gauge hooked up to the engine and run out to the windsheild. Get it up around 55 mph and monitor that pressure. The 4.1 motors were problem childs mechanically.

I believe disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes will clear the codes on that one. But I would be much more concerned that that engine may be going south. Maybe the oil pressure sending is bad and you'll be lucky.