1994 Cadillac El Dorado

Electrical problem
1994 Cadillac El Dorado V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

90000miles. Selected information, battery voltage reads 0, gas guage reads 0, air cond will not work. Checked bat, reads 12 volts started car bat volts read 14 volts alternator I charging. Lights will not come on automatticly at night. Pulled light switch they come on, but warning horn sounds contiually.
October 15, 2010.

Try pressing off and warmer on the climate panel with the key on, and see if it will enter diagnostics. If it does, record any codes or messages that it may display. When the lights on warning chime is going off, is that when the key is off, and the manual headlight stalk is pulled? Does the info center display headlamps suggested when the twilight sentinel is all the way off, the car is on, and it is low light?

Oct 16, 2010.
A011 disconnect
A011 current
S036 S043 S066 S061 S062 history
R061 R062 current
1052 history

Oct 17, 2010.
There was also some info that I requested on the light issue. The info on your codes is as follows.

Code I052 indicates that the keep alive - or " long term" - memory in the IPC has been reset. It is a normal occurrence whenever power or ground is removed from the IPC, such as anytime the battery has been disconnected and reconnected. When the code is set, IPC memory is reset to initial values; the climate control will revert to 75 set temp, " Auto" mode and " Auto" fan speed. Code I052 will disable all other codes.

If code I052 sets without a battery disconnect, ensure good terminal contacts at power feed pins " A1" and " C12", and grounds at pins " A5" and " C16".

The Hi Side Temperature sensor is a thermistor that controls a signal voltage to the ACP. The ACP applies a voltage on CKT 732 to the sensor. When the sensor is cold its resistance is high, therefore the ACP will see a high signal voltage at pin " D14.&Quot; As the sensor warms, its resistance becomes less and the signal voltage is pulled low through the sensor ground, CKT 407. This signal voltage will vary between 5V (open circuit) and 0V (short circuit).


Ignition " ON.&Quot; Code A010 not set.
Temperature greater than 30 E
The signal voltages indicates less than -18 C (open circuit) or greater than 179 C (short circuit) calibrated.


HI Coolant Fan operation when A/C compressor operation possible.

The r061 and r062 are for airbag lamp driver faults, the fact that they are current, does the airbag lamp illuminate?

The P052 and P109 are PCM memory reset indicators, and do not necessarily indicate a fault unless the set without battery disconnect.

The S0XX codes are all relevant to suspension system, and have no particular relevance to your symptom.

You could have seperate issues with the myriad of symptoms you have. The fuel reading, and battery voltage are direct inputs to the cluster. Check that fuse A11(trunk fuse panel), and A3(engine compartment) have power across them and are good. A11 powers the fuel level sender, and A3 the battery input to the cluster.

Among other things, and I suspect you may find one or both of these fuses open, fuse A3 also supplies power to the IPC, headlight/twilight sentinel, SIR module(derm), and the low pressure A/C switch, although your code is for hi pressure sw(or so the info says, and info can be incorrect). Fuse A11 supplies several things as well, but not as much for relevance. Give this stuff a check, and let me know the outcome.

Oct 18, 2010.
Fuses were good. I still have codes
P052 P109 PCM? (Could this be a bad PMC)
A011 1052 History
lights still same, horn blows when ever lights are on, whether I pullswitch or auto at night.
I can not find the PMC. I can pick up one pretty cheap. Thank you, I was told how to read code on this car by others and the book- all wrong. You squred me away on this after 4 years.

Oct 19, 2010.
The fuses are good, but do you have power across them? I would not suggest a PCM at this point, your symptoms do not point to it, and you have little cause other than memory reset codes that were stored in history, and could have been caused by a low voltage condition. You say horn blows when lights are on, do you mean the chime, same chime that sounds with a key in the ignition/door open, and is this with key on/running. Does your airbag light come on, and do you still have the R061 and 62 current?

Oct 19, 2010.
Light switch pulled, chimes sounds all the time. Engine running or not. Key off still sounds.
No airbag light. It seems no power to A11 fuse at
any time. It is called IGN in trunk pnl. What powers it?
Codes PMC? No ATC history P052 P109 A011 R061 and R062 1052 History. Whats with the question mark after PMC. ALSO I FIND EMERG BRAKE DOES nOT RELEASE. Auto runs perfect other wise

Oct 21, 2010.
A11 in the TRUNK fuse panel receives power from the ignition switch, as well as 7 fuse in the engine compartment fuse panel(A1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13). If you have no power on A11, is there power on the others? This could suggest a problem with the ignition switch, if there is no power on any of the above. There could also be a circuit problem(splice/connection), if there is power on some but not others. If there is truly no power on or across A11, these other fuses need to be check and the determination could be made from there.

Oct 22, 2010.
Mistake by me. Have voltage across A11 plus all A1thru A13 in engine comp. Same codes Po52 P107 P109 P137 1052 A011 A037 T072 PMC? New ones, could be from pulling all the fues! WHY DOES PMC HAVE A QUESTION MARK. Emerg brake still will not release auto

Oct 22, 2010.
When it reads PCM, that is the signal that all codes have been displayed, and the system is ready to process the next request. If you use your fan button and scroll down it will show all the modules with XXX, and if you fan up, you will open the possibilities of options for that module like data, inputs, outputs, overrides, and clear codes. I am trying to determine if you have a common fault, or several different faults. I suppose next what you would have to do, is access the instrument panel cluster, or at least the connectors, so you can start checking if battery voltage(for charge info) is getting to it. The park brake release inoperative is not likely a symptom of anything other than a failed vacuum release motor.

Oct 25, 2010.
5 items happened all at once. 1. Doors do not lock when shifting from park 2. Emergency brake does not disengage when shifting from park. 3. On info panel, battery volt reads 00. Battery voltage.4. No air. Cond. 5. Light switch pulled to dim or bright, chims sound continuosly until lights turned off. Auto runs great with no warning messages, no check eng. Soon message or any other warning.

Oct 27, 2010.