2003 Cadillac DTS

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 Cadillac DTS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

i did not get a response tothe question last night
May 15, 2009.

Yes, you did get an answer.

" There is an access panel in the floor of the trunk to get to the pump. Release fuel presure by depressing the schrader valve on the engine(fuel rail) with key off, this will let out the pressure. Once you removehtepanel, you may need special release tools to get the fuel lines off the tank unit. The release tools are available at any auto parts store. I do strongly suggest using an A/C Delco pump, they are a little more but work much better "

Oct 17, 2009.
It would be easier for you if you will just hire a mechanic to do the job on your Cadillac. This will also prevent the other Cadillac parts from being damaged.