2002 Cadillac DTS

Interior problem
2002 Cadillac DTS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic

how to remove the door panel on the passenger side front
October 4, 2010.

There is a screw behind the plate inside of the release handle, and remove the manual lock knob. Pull or use a pry tool gently to release the push pin retainers around the front, bottom, and rear of the panel. Grab the pull handle and lift with some force. It is easy to have some broken pieces, If you are lucky, nothing will break, but most often an alignment pin(plastic) will perish. Then those two metal clips still on the bracket on the panel, slide back on the plates with the torx screws securing them. To reinstall, just line the panel up and push in all around the edges and center. Make sure to position the lock rod through the opening.

Oct 4, 2010.