2001 Cadillac DTS

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Cadillac DTS V8 Front Wheel Drive Automatic 92,000 miles

Hi, concerning the ERg valve pintle; when you rattle the part should it make excesive noise as if somthing is loose inside. Also, should the pintle open and close under the force of shaking? Also, should you be able to push down the pintle under the pressre of a toothpick?
Car has loud knock when gas is used only. No acceleration, no noise.

April 17, 2009.

Can't say as though I've rattled the part. The sound of something loose inside does not sound right. I have not shaken it and watched the pintle, it does not represent normal operation and may not be a valid test. I do know you can push the pintle in, and it should spring back to closed. It does not take much force at all. In my experience, the EGR pintle either sticks closed, or open. When it sticks closed, you can open it, it just takes a bit more force, and you feel it unstick. With as late model of vehicle you have, there should be a code setting. Can't guarantee that replacement will solve your problem.

Apr 17, 2009.