1993 Buick Roadmaster

Engine Performance problem
1993 Buick Roadmaster V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 127000 miles

i drove my car for 25 mins on the highway, let of the gas and pressed on the break for 2 seconds at a stop sign an pressed on the gas again and my car just died. And now it will starts but runs rough, does not wanna go over 2000 rpms. When u let it try to idle it dies. It wont stay running long enough to put it in gear. I have checked the fuel pump, (listening for it and took off the fuel line from the back of the pressure regulator) and the gas comes out fine. Changed the fuel filter. Put the gas in a glass and checked to see if anything was in there. Dirt or water. Checked all the lines. Checked the distributor cap all the wires and plugs. Changed the fuel press. Regulator. The injectors r working fine. I checked those wires too. When u spray carb cleaner in it it runs fine.I have been fixing an driving a roadmaster for 9 years and im lost. For a video of wat is happening go to qik. Com an type in roadmaster92 and its the second video. The clicking noise you will hear in the video is coming from under the car. Could it be a cloged catalytic converter?
August 21, 2010.

Have you actually checked fuel pump pressure? Also, I can't get to the video. Is there a way you can copy and paste the exact web address so I can see it? Finally has the check engine light come on?

No I have not checked the pressure. I cant get it anywhere to get it checked. The check engine light was never on. I went back and actually checked the plugs my self and they have carbon on em and smell like gas. In the video if u can see it, I sprayed carb cleaner in it to get it to catch enough to keep it running. And after I did wat I did in the video my car actually kept running on its own for the first time it three weeks. But I cut it off becuase it started pouring out smoke from the whole exhuast system. Even the card board I had uder my car was smokin. Could this be a combination on 3 things. The IAC valve, the plugs and the engine leaking oil into something. Cuz the smoke was like a blueish grey color.

Aug 22, 2010.
Wow! I need you to check a couple things. First, check the catalytic converter to make sure it isn't glowing red hot. If it is, replace it. Also, fuel pump pressure needs checked. I can provide directions if you need them. As far as the gauge you need, most parts stores will lend them to you.

Let me know.


PS: Was the smoke coming from the exhaust or under the hood? Be careful with the carb cleaner. One backfire and you could catch the engine compartment on fire.

I have checked with 6 major stores an non of em have it or will loan it. If u can tell me how to do it. I will be able to do it.I did not know that doin that could catch it on fire or I wouldn't have done it. I've put too much into my car. The smoke was coming from the whole exhaust system under the car. The pipes, catalytic converter, muffler an out the tail pipe. No the converter is not glowing red. Wat does the WOW mean? Did I do something wrong? I took the iac valve out of the throttle body while it was still connected by the wires an turned the key forward an it didn't move. It's suppose to go in or out when u turn the key. Should I replace it?

Aug 23, 2010.
The "WOW!" was because of how bad it was running. The hot exhaust can be caused by keeping it running on carb cleaner. As far as the rest, I could tell by your shadow in the video, you're a woman. My hat is off to you. You really seem to know what you're doing, and you're not afraid to try. Unless you're a man wearing a dress...

As far as the fuel pressure, here is a how to for checking.

I'm not permitted to mention the names of parts stores, but most nationally recognized parts stores will have them.

Let me know what you find.


Yeah its running horribly and its pissing me off that I cant fix it. Yeah I am a 26 yr old female, this time would be the only time I dont know wat im doin. I have replaced the starter, battery, fuel filter, fuel press reg, iac valve and today I took off the cat conver. It really seems like there was 10 different things that went out at the same time cuz every thing I change it runs a little better. I actually could keep it running long enuf to drive it but it runs like hell. When its in park or nuetral it will stay running even tho its idleing too damn low but when its in drive or reverse just as soon as u let off the gas it dies, it wont even try to idle. Its like its misssing it all together. And no matter how far the pedal is down it wont go over 1000 rpm. Ive never seen it happen but could the spark plugs being bad being doing this? I have never takin my car to a shop but I am at a complete loss and my spirit, my body and my bank account cant take much more. Do I give up and take it to a shop?

Aug 24, 2010.
Have you been able to check fuel pump pressure?