2000 Buick Regal

Noises problem
2000 Buick Regal 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

when I brake and turn sharp slowly a groan comes from left wheel side, when turning into garage. Also a slight vibration.
noise repeats but not as loud when in park and I rock steering wheel left to right quickly.I have changed brake rotors and pads, wheel hub bearing assembly, outer tie rods, and sway bar links and struts and springs on both sides. Cv boots are clean and show no damage. Car rides smooth and straight and quiet at all speeds. No noise or vibration while driving or turning at other speeds.
March 21, 2010.

IT sounds as this is happening when the power steering is under higher pressure. General Motors ignorantly put the reservior between the firewall and engine on the passenger side making it difficult to check and add. Have you checked the level and condition of the fluid?

Steering pump does not whine at all.
If fluid is at level, would changing fluid help, or is pump bad. Any other way to test pump

Mar 21, 2010.
We check it with an auxilliary pressure gauge. It may not be a weak pump, but a restriction in the line.

Before I went that far, I would get the front end in the air and try moving the wheels back and forth to see if there is a binding felt. If so, pop out the two outer tie rods and try it again to see if it seems rack related or suspension related.(Ball joint, strut mount)

Thanks for your help. With wheels up, outer tie rod ends off, rack is isolated. If smooth and suspension components are good, would a new pump be the way? Can a restriction be in the lines and remain with pump changed.
Last question, thanks again

Mar 22, 2010.
I apologize, For whatever reason, my email did not alert me to this. Another member just informed me.

Yes, a restriction can happen at any point in the line, thus why pressure testing may confirm this.

This is two separate paths. Suspension or steering.
Think of hydraulic versus mechanical.

Moving the rack is moving fluid through the whole power steering system. Moving the spindle shows mechanical. Ball joint. Strut mount.

After re-reading, I need to ask if the vibration you feel it in the steering wheel or brake pedal or seat?

Does the groan sound more hydraulic like ps whine? OR metal moving on rubber.

Feel free to ask and converse as long as you like. No limits. ; -)

Slight vibration in steering wheel, does not sound hydraulic. Only happens moving slowly while turning sharply, with or without braking, foreward or reverse.
Car rides smooth and true at all speeds, no brake pull.
New struts, springs, brakes, tie rod ends, sway bar links, hub bearings. All needed to be done anyway, 140000 miles but had no effect, drove chicago to florida with no problems.
Pulling into garage it happened again. Would a bad ball joint show up while every day driving

Mar 27, 2010.
I wouldn't think a shudder would happen from ball joints. But never say never. They are more typical of a loud whine or squeak when the go dry and not typical of this car. Shudder, as I think I understand your symptoms makes me think of a power steering problem, but have heard of these symptoms caused from tires.

It sounds pretty minor, not sure I would do much more unless it gets worse.

I agree, if it gets worse it may become more findable.
Thank you very much

Mar 31, 2010.
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