1993 Buick Regal

Computer problem
1993 Buick Regal 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150000 miles

it has been about 17 yrs since I worked as an auto-tech specializing in computer and elec systems, so I have forgotten many things.

Need to find a web-site for (2) items, future refs

first, how to clear the ECM codes
currently have 61, 62, 65
almost positive it is the Oil press sensor, as the gauge was acting crazing several months ago, now the eng is idling at 3k or higher.

2nd, photos to show location of sensor, have a feeling it is under the engine and hard to replace, as you cant even get to the oil filter easily on this car.
February 6, 2009.

Feb 6, 2009.
The ECM code descriptions you sent make sense, because I had prev. Probs with C/Ctrl.

The extreme-check-engine-light-codes. Com website shows different OBD-1 code descriptions for codes 61, 62, and 65.

61 a/c system performance or degraded oxygen sensor signal
62 engine oil temperature high temperature indicated
65 oxygen sensor right side rich exhaust indicated

Where did you obtain the code/descs sent to me? If the other website is not correct, I would like to know the one that has correct info. Worse thing about this is that I used to have all the GM books, not after-market info.


Feb 11, 2009.
I did some checking. Both websites are right. What? Yes, you read right. Extreme-check-engine-light-codes. Com list was intended for 95 GM vehicles with VIN " P" 5.7L V8. The one that I sent you was coded for specifically 92-93 GM vehicles with 3.8L V6. I got mine from the software that all moderators here use, Mitchell1. If you have other non-OBDII, I took the liberty to post.

Troublecodes. Net/GM

Feb 11, 2009.