2012 Buick Park Avenue

After driving for approx 15km (hot weather) my 92 park avenue will stall while travelling or while approaching a stop light. Service engine light flashes prior but not always. Engine turns over but will not restart. I have to wait 1 hour to restart. Process will repeat itself eveytime. Exact same after short trip and turn off the engine. No start for 1 hour. I have jumpered the A-B port on the diagnostic connector to use the service engine light diagnostics. Errors come up 17 and 56 by counting the service light flashes. Removed the 3 coil pack and cleaned the mounting and heat sink under the electronic module. Cleaned gnd connections. Cleaned/reseated the connector. (Is this the ECM?) So far advice has been ECM or cam shaft sensor or tap test electronic module under the passenger dash. Have not changed anything yet. Best guess for what has to be changed to save my sanity and wallet?

Those had issues with the coils, ignition modules, crank angle sensors, and cam sensors. Code 17 is RPM signal problem, could be the cam or crank sensor. The code 56 is a Quad driver fault, most likely needs a new ECM to fix that one

Aug 6, 2007.
Crank sensor/cam sensor or ECM - which one would you change first?
Where is the cam sensor and where is the crank sensor?
Please and thanks for the help!

According to the trouble codes, I would install a crank sensor and a PCM

Aug 7, 2007.
Thanks! Installed a new crank sensor and repaired the wiring harness as it had taken some heat. Car starts, runs fine and no more stalls or no start. Code 17 is gone.
Intermittent 56 still shows up. Does removing the negative gnd cable reset intermittent faults or do I have to wait for x number of restarts? Do I need a new PCM or could I be waiting for more headache?

If it is intermittent, it will just keep coming back. The quad driver code is withing ht ePCM and will most likely come back until the PCM is replaced, it is just like a driver for your pc.

Aug 12, 2007.