2002 Buick Park Avenue

2002 buick park avenue (standard, not ultra) 66,000 miles
3.8 liter engine

i changed the battery. Now fuel gauge needle is under the empty peg. Does not indicate fuel level.

how do I get it back to the other side of the empty peg?

why did this happen?

also, the car seems to have more pep. (No problem)
November 6, 2007.

You will probably need to remove the instrument cluster and take off the lens to reset the gauge, or sometimes skaking it upside down will work.

Nov 6, 2007.
I have used a good magnet to fix my gauge. Hold it in front of the gague, then turn the magnet counter clockwise until the needle gets back to normal.

Dec 6, 2008.
I'd like to add to this solution. Suffered the same problem with my 2000 Park Avenue, and read on a few other websites that a very powerful (40-50 lbs.) Was required. Tried a 20 lb. Magnet and got nowhere. Then, one day fiddling with a little telescopic magnetic pickup tool, I found I could move the needle - by aiming at the base of the needle, not the tip - but not enough to swing the needle around.

Went to Home Depot and bought a package of 8 round, quarter sized magnets (about 3 bucks) that collectivelly couldn't have pulled more than about 3 lbs, stacked them, aimed at the base of the needle, and it swung around easily and quickly.

Aim at the base, not the tip.

Jan 1, 2009.