1988 Buick Lesabre

Computer problem
1988 Buick Lesabre 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 178000 miles

hello, I keep getting a code 43 on this buick. I have looked at a Motor manual and it says that it is either the esc or the knock sensor or the wiring. Well, I cant find the knock sensor cause the book says its under the tps and I have looked and it is not, where is the knock sensor so I can check it for low voltage? I guess that is my first step to figuring out what is wrong. Thanks dave.
April 24, 2008.

See below for a 3.8L

For 3800 its on lower right corner of engine block

Apr 24, 2008.
I wish this were the picture of my engine but its not, its close, but there is no knock sensor there. I did find what I think is a knock sensor under the rear of the motor on the pass. Side block, close to the pulleys and close to the oil press sensor. It has one wire that has a long prong going into it and its hard to see from the top of the engine. Is it possible that this could be the knock sensor? I think it has a dark green wire.

Apr 26, 2008.
What is your 8th number or letter in your vin #

it may have 2 knock sensors. Also is this a limited or custom or standard lesabre

my picture shows it under the exhaust manifold in the front head for vin k and Vin L

in the head by the firewall for vin 1 and vin c

and vin J is where razzy said

Apr 26, 2008.