2003 Buick Century

Electrical problem
2003 Buick Century 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 107000 miles

The security light came on last night and I need to know what this could be caused by and how much it will cost to repair
March 24, 2009.

Key would be 1st to check and ignition switch
does it still start and run for you and if so consider having it check asap
have it scanned for codes

Mar 24, 2009.
I know this is about 4 years late to help with your issue but just in case anybody else is having this issue:
My 2003 Buick Century is doing the same thing. All the lights, radio, power seats/locks/windows and all worked fine. Car wouldn't crank, just a slow click and security light is on. At first I did this https:// it fixed the problem but a few months later the problem came back and this time just jiggling the wires didn't help. Was told it would be $1100.00 to replace the VATS security system in the car. I ordered a security bypass from ($180 + tax) Should get here in a few days and I'll let you know if it fixes the problem. Has a money back guarantee so we'll give it a shot. If it works I figure I just saved myself over a grand. :)

Jul 26, 2013.