1996 Buick Century

Interior problem
1996 Buick Century 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 89000 miles

i was wondering how to fix the inside door latch on the drivers side
November 30, 2008.

You need to remove the trim behind the handle first, retained by a torx or phillips fastener. The handle may be rivited to the door panel. If so, a drill will remove it by using a bit just larger than the center stem of the rivet. Removal of the complete inner door panel may also be neccessary. In this case, locate and remove the large phillips screws near the handhold then pop the panel loose which is retained by plastic retainers around the lower half at the outer edge. Now you can lift the panel up and off. If you have remote controlled mirrors there is a small allen in the control bezel which can be loosened to remove.

Nov 30, 2008.