2004 BMW Z4

Engine Performance problem
2004 BMW Z4 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 22000 miles

I am trying to improve performance. Thank You.
April 2, 2009.

What the heck is a CTS sensor and what are you trying to do? Do you mean CPS? Crankshaft position sensor? If you believe there is a performance improvement in there, let me know what it is. I want to caution you in fairly strong terms not to do any modifications to your car unless they are approved either by BMW or there is sound evidence that the alterations are not harmful or just a waste of your money. There is a lot of " go fast" stuff on the market, most of it is junk when it comes to real performance gains, like my dad always said, " How many horsepower can I have and still go to heaven?&Quot; ♥

Dr. Hagerty
Apr 2, 2009.