2003 BMW Z4

Engine Mechanical problem
2003 BMW Z4 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 20000 miles

A couple of weeks ago my serpentine belt broke and took the alternator pulley with it. I replaced the belt and alternator. The car won't start. It will turn but not start, like its getting no gas. The EML and Service Engine Soon lights stay on. Any ideas?
December 18, 2009.

Check all the fuses. Go inside the E-box and look for a isolated fuse holder with 5 two legged fuses inside a " trapped" plastic non user friendly box. Open it, I give you permission, look for blown fuses. If not then you possibly have a bad throttle motor/engine wiring harness issue, there is a factory bulletin on this. Or collateral damage from the serpentine belt excursion. I also recommend timely inspections to possibly preclude these issues from recurring.

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 19, 2009.