2001 BMW Z3

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 BMW Z3 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

just failed my inspection due to above code. States secondary air injection system insufficient flow bank 1 and 2. Can you help me out? Bmw cannot service until at least monday and my inspection expires tomorrow. Is this something my mechanic can do?
July 30, 2010.

There is a small vacuum hose going to the secondary air injection valve, check it for breakage.

Dr. Hagerty
Jul 30, 2010.
Brought it in to bmw. Was told that they need to replace the secondary air pump for $985!
I honestly do not know how a part can be broken while the car drove beautifully. How does this affect the vehicle? Wouldn't the warning lights turn on for this? I have not yet ok'd for them to order the part. Cost above is just for the part! I need to find another option. Unfortunately, I am unsure if that is the problem.

Aug 3, 2010.
The secondary air pump supplies pressurized air to the exhaust manifold, when the engine is first started from cold, this quickens the catalytic converters start time. The pumps have been known to fail and it will not effect driveability. I suspect it is not the pump, but the vacuum hose that controls the valve that sits at the exhaust manifold. 2001 Z3 did not have a 4 cylinder.
So going back to my earlier post about the vacuum hose If it is corrupted, the secondary air will not flow, check that next and let me know what you have found.

Dr. Hagerty
Aug 3, 2010.