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Brakes problem
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I changed the rear break pads of my BMW 120d (E87) and its sensor, but the light in the panel is still on. The front breaks pads and its sensor was changed just a couple months age, but just to check if the sensor in front break pads is faulty I changed again, but the problem is still there. In the front panel the light of the symbol showing the break is still on. The mechanic suggested to disconnect the battery and connect it again. I am quite sure that it's is a good idea. Would you please help me in this issue.
October 23, 2009.

Glad to help mate. To extinguish the tattle- tale lamp for the brakes, get in the car, insert the key, turn the key to the run position and wait, it might take 30 seconds. This will put the car in the run position, with the engine off, and then the light will go out.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 23, 2009.
I bought a 2004 BMW X3 and I am using that for almost 2 years. My car works and function well during that year. But right now, I am having a problem with the machine, every time I start the car I heared a noise from the engine and the car will stop.

Jun 7, 2010.
The thread should be inserted in the appropriate heading, your X3 could be having some sensor issues, what has been done so far?

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 8, 2010.
Noise is not transmitted well in cyberspace.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 19, 2010.