1995 BMW 840

Electrical problem
1995 Other BMW Models V8 Two Wheel Drive 60,345 miles

Hi i have a 840 bmw and I cant get the driver side turn signals to work nothing turns on,

the other side works fine and all the other lights work fine, brakes high beams and so on I bought the car this way so I dont know what to do I am also missing the steering relay that goes in the K199 Servonic slot under the engine and the dealer cant tell me wich relay I need to purchase to put in this slot. can you please help


March 27, 2008.

If the turn signals do not work, then the turn signal switch or the lamp control module are suspect. The only part# I can find is 32-43-1-165-157 for the servotronic control module, I will try to confirm this at work tomorrow and will repost if the part# is different.

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 28, 2008.