1998 BMW 740

Engine Cooling problem
1998 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 165000 miles

I don't have a manual for a 1998 740IL, and it appears as though my water pump is leaking. Water is running from what appears to be the lower mount to the motor and now across the front. Is their any other possibilities, is this a common leak. Could there be another culprit? I flushed the coolant, the leak stopped. I flushed it again, added coolant, and now it's worse?
April 9, 2009.

It is possible the water pump is leaking, a pressure test of the cooling sydtem should help pinpoint the source of your coolant leak. Also check the valley pan for leakage, it is an area of possible leakage too.

Dr. Hagerty
Apr 10, 2009.