1998 BMW 740

Engine Cooling problem
1998 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 76000 miles

master tech 1990-2015 3 days in. I have no power to sending unit. Evaporator drain hose was kinked and filled floor with water. Power dist. Box was badly corroded as well as splices directly in front of it. Several wires were corroded and broken I cut wires and installed eyelets to dist. Box and tested all wires with logic probe this fixed power to obd port. Temp gage will work int. No change there. All data no help. Car was just purchased and I have no history on it. Where should I go from here?
September 10, 2010.

Inside the electrical distribution box is a 5 fuse block, check all for continuity.

Dr. Hagerty
Sep 11, 2010.
I replaced all of the wire ends with eyelets and bolted them down. All of the wires have power coming out of the power dist. Box. I also checked and repaired the splices directly in front of the box. The guage does work intermittently. Where does the power go from there? Computer? Module in pass kick panel? The guage? Where to next? If only alldata had a wiring diagram! Thank you for your help! At least now I have a starting point.

Sep 11, 2010.

Dr Loot
Sep 27, 2010.