1997 BMW 740

Engine Cooling problem
1997 BMW 740 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 179, 00 miles

The hose connected to the radiator came off 2 weeks ago. Mechanic said I needed a new radiator and hose, so I replaced both. Worked great for 1 day. Then, the bottom hose to the radiator came off. Mechanic suggested replacing water pump- so the water pump was replaced. Worked fine for 1 day- My car is still leaking antifreeze. I have a 1997 BMW 179,000 miles. Please help!
February 23, 2008.

The V-8 BMW motors usually require valley pan replacement as the cooling system matures. You have first hand experience with radiator failure, then water pump, now it's the valley pans turn.

Dr. Hagerty
Feb 23, 2008.