1990 BMW 735

Interior problem
1990 BMW 735 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

helloo my driver seat broke and I cant find one. But I have found a passenger seat in really good shape. How do I convert this to a driver seat? Is this possable. And where would I find a dyi to do it. How would it be done. The driver seat I have is twisting on one side and they want t much to fix i

thankyou john please email me at jscaife30@comcast. Net
June 12, 2010.

It is a complicated job but not impossible, you will need to remove the lower section of the drivers seat and install it on the passengers seat. The problem with your drivers seat now is, it has the right and left motor and one of them are seized, you can just replace the motor from the passenger seat that you have gotten if you wish.

Dr Loot
Jun 16, 2010.
Or you could just repair the seat yourself.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 16, 2010.