1998 BMW 535i

Engine Mechanical problem
1998 BMW 535i V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135000 miles

i had the plugs and leaky rocker gaskets changed on my 535i (m62 engine). A week or so later after a steady drive it began running rough and got worse as I headed home. Now it struggles to tick over and is misfiring badly. I checked all spark plugs and they are all fouled to some extent but numbers 7 and 8 were covered in oil. 5 and 6 were slightly oily. The ht on cylinder 8 was coated in oil all the way up almost to the coil. There is a bluey grey smoke on start up which then goes to white (or steam). When it first starts it doesnt misfire for about 5 seconds. Any ideas on a possible cause would be appreciated. Thanks
March 1, 2010.

You might perform a cooling system pressure test, it seems as if the coolant is getting into the combustion chambers and may be causing the white smoke.

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 2, 2010.