1989 BMW 535i

Electrical problem
1989 BMW 535i 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 220000 miles

The wiper motor in my 535i runs all the time. I have replaced the relay, general module, relay module, the motor itself, the switch, and I have tested the wires for shorts and opens. Any other ideas? The positive wire for the slow setting (blk/rd/yellow) is the one that has power all the time, but the input wire from the switch (blk/blu) is not grounded, so the switch is not telling it to stay on. Any help would be appreciated
February 4, 2009.

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All models have 2-speed wiper systems with an intermittent feature. Wiper control lever is located on right side of steering column.
Disconnect wiper motor connector at motor. Check for battery voltage at No. 15 (Violet/Black wire) on wiper control relay. Move wiper switch lever to lower position. Voltage should be present at Black/White wire at wiper motor.
If voltage is present and motor is properly grounded, wiper motor should operate. If not, check fuse No. 5 (No. 11 on 525i and 535i) and wiring (Violet/Black) if no voltage is present.
Function control of solid state wiper control unit is by ground circuit completion at wiper/washer switch. Refer to WIRING DIAGRAMS section for appropriate circuit diagram.


Dave H
Feb 4, 2009.
Thank you very much for the response. I am a bmw technician, I have all the wiring diagrams for this vehicle. What I have here is a strange problem and I was hoping someone has seen it before.

Feb 5, 2009.
Sorry not seen before. It is strange. But it must be getting a ground from somewhere?

Dave H
Feb 10, 2009.