BMW 530

2002 530i BMW, 76,000 miles, auto tranny, engine 3.5L, this is the E39 model. The LED (I assume) numbers on my dash do not fully illuminate. Parts of the numbers are missing. For instance at times the temperature outside indicated on the dash will be fully illiminated but then while driving parts will go away. About a year ago I had to replace the battery. When the new battery was put in, no problem, but over about 4 months the problem returned. All else works well.

This happens sometimes on the radio face as well.
John Askew
November 21, 2007.

The displays are back lit liquid crystal and are not repairable. Replacement is the only cure.

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 21, 2007.
You have the same problem I have! The above poster suggested the same thing. My car is still under extended warranty. I wonder if this would be covered by it?

Oct 23, 2008.