2004 BMW 530

Suspension problem
2004 BMW 530 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 60000 miles

I have a 2004 530I with 60,000 miles. I bought the car from a BMW dealership with 100,000 warranty. As I speak, its in the BMW dealer repair shop and I have been told that the torsion bar needs to be replaced at a cost of $730.00 and it is not covered because BMW says its a wearable part.

Firstly, I think its a very gray area that its a wearable part.
Secondly, if its a wearable part, why was it not replaced [like most parts] prior to the sale of a certified BMW car like other parts [brakes etc]. Cant have it both ways.

While I have agreed to have the dealership do the work, I will talk to the General Mgr. At the dealership. I would be interested to what everyone thinks about this situation.
March 28, 2008.

This is rather curious because BMW does not utilize torsion bars, do they mean sway bars? If so, I would be interested in seeing the printout of the final bill as well as an explanation for the repair and why they are not standing behind a CPO warranty, even if only for goodwill, do not tell me goodwill does not exist for a 4 year old BMW.

Dr. Hagerty
Mar 28, 2008.