2004 BMW 530

Engine Mechanical problem
2004 BMW 530 Automatic

Hi there, I am wondering what this rust is doing on the e60 engine. Also, the turbo has previously blown and has been replaced. Is this something to be worried about?

Is this rust something to be worried about from a 4-5 yr old car? Or does the rust decrease performance/cause future issues?

Should it require repairing how much would it cost??

Also in regards to a stone chip in the windscreen how much would that cost to repair?

Sry if some of these questions are noobish, but i have limited knowledge of things beneath the bonnet.


January 29, 2009.

If the stone damage is limited to a small star, silicone injection methods are effective, replacement of the windshield is what's left to do if something else. The rust is normal for the exhaust manifold due to heat, it is hard to be sure from the picture. The turbo replacement could have been due to a simple failure, without documentation, who knows?

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 29, 2009.