1994 BMW 530

Engine Cooling problem
1994 BMW 530 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 113, 00 miles

I just got my car out of the shop, and am shocked that it started leaking coolant.

From the looks under the hood once I had to pull over from the engine smoking while I was driving, it looked as the coolant had " splattered" everywhere.
And once the car was still it seemed to pour onto the ground from underneath.
The battery light came on while driving, the parking brake light (which brake was NOT on), and it became very hard to steer. I made it home, but not without the needle going all the way to hot. I have no Idea whats going and wont be able to get it looked at until tomorrow. But since I just paid about $300 to have some thing renewed and fixed. I dont want to have this problem. Please help! Any information would be great!
October 20, 2008.

Hi there,

I would be on the phone to the mechanic who worked on it and get them to pick it up and check it over as I feel that they may have up set or not re connected something, what was the repair that they attended to in the first place?

Mark (mhpautos)

Oct 20, 2008.
I am going to throw in with Mark and say you should get the mechanic that worked on it to take care of this mess.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 20, 2008.
Thanks so much for the responses. SInce this email I did call the mechanic back!

He told me he DID see that I needed a new belt or something, and that in turn did something to the flow of the coolant and water pump, naturally I asked why didnt he inform the first time. Maybe because he knew it was on the verge of becoming a major issue and would possibly mess something else up even further. Therefore resulting in more money for him, towing, etc. I dont know, I dont want to assume the worst of people's intentions. However, I did not take it back to him, I took it to the mechanic who is trusted by a family member (which is prob. Where I should have take it first) and he corrected the problem, of course I had to pay a small fee, as he was extremely kind with the fees, but not nearly as much as I would have if I took it back to the same guy. But I pick it up today! Thank God.

And the repair in the first place, was some exhaust pipe/clamp thingys and an alignment. ( I also am going to further my knowledge about the workings of a vehicle, and do -away with the stereotype that most women dont know cars)

Thanks for your help! I am now and will be forwarding my vehicle questions to this site! : -)

Oct 22, 2008.
We are all glad you have been able to resolve this issue and thank you for trusting us with your problems.

Dr. Hagerty
Oct 22, 2008.