1988 BMW 528

Computer problem
1988 BMW 528 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 95,000 miles

I purchased this " cream puff" two days ago and didn't notice that the clock/driving info computer was not working (shame on me). Completely dark in all windows. Is there a way to troubleshoot this problem? TIA Ron
November 14, 2009.

It just needs the back lighting to be replaced, call Sean at Autobahn dismantling, (619)444-2290. He has some that have LEDs in them, and they wont burn out. To access, remove the instrument cluster and there are small screws holding the finisher for the OBC. To reinitialize to US/metric standards, use a pen tip in the recessed button in the lower right corner of the OBC, tip the button and then press the desired function. Tip again when function decision is reached. Playing with the clock is acceptable, but not when driving!

Dr. Hagerty
Nov 14, 2009.