1997 BMW 328

Car overheated. Replaced thermostat, replaced leaking water pump, replaced cracked radiator reservoir tank, flushed the radiator, pressurized the system to check for leaks (none). Every 2nd day or so, the reservoir tank will be empty or very low of coolant. Where is the coolant going? If we do not check every 2 days the car would overheat?
May 25, 2006.

This cooling system is one of the hardest to bleed out there. When I refill them when I work on them I take off the upper radiator hose until it comes out of the top of the radiator then even with me its been hit or miss best way after doing that top off system drive it till it gets hot(not overheating) and the thermostat opens and let it get cold and then fill the tank again repeat this process until it stops taking coolant in the resevoir if after fives times of doing this it still needs coolant need to start thinking about a possible blown head gasket hope this helps

May 25, 2006.
The easiest way to check if you have a blown head gasket is to: (1). Check the radiator to see if you have oil in it and (2). Check your oil. If the oil is a chocolate color then you have anti-freeze getting into your oil. If either of these two are occuring then you have a blown head gasket. Bye the way I had a similar problem. Head gasket it was.

Jun 23, 2006.