1996 BMW 328

Electrical problem
1996 BMW 328 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic

I'm trying to confirm the most likely problemed part causing the windows and sunroof to stop working on my 96 328 is. The vehicle doesn't have a comfort relay and fuses seem to check out.
If you can try to give me an idea of what's the likely problem and part location, I would appreciate it greatly.
Thanks, Steve
estevegrande@hotmail. Com
December 24, 2008.

Steve, if you could shoot me back the vehicle ID number, it will help me and when I get home on friday the 26th I will be able to reply to your question, my home computer has the info I need to respond to your question.

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 24, 2008.
Thanks for your help! WBABG2322TET30885
Windows and sunroof out all other components seem fine.
Estevegrande@hotmail. Com

Dec 26, 2008.
Made it home and I am having computer troubles, I will get to you Saturday.♥

Dr. Hagerty
Dec 26, 2008.
Dr Hagerty,
Any luck with your computer and answering my question (windows and sunroof out, 96 328is)?
Please let me know and thanks!

Dec 30, 2008.
There is a comfort relay that is in the E box that causes this issue and I cannot seem to find the part number for it. I am working on it, please stand by.

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 5, 2009.
The body electronics control module is suspect here. The comfort relay I was thinking of was for something else. Recheck all the fuses and try a battery disconnection(do you know the radio code?) For 10 mins, this sometimes works like control/alt/delete on a computer. The next step would be to start checking power and grounds, do you have a repair manual? Amazon. Com for a Robert Bentley publishing manual. They are quite good and I recommend them highly.

Dr. Hagerty
Jan 8, 2009.