1997 BMW 318

Air Conditioning problem
1997 BMW 318 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 98,000 miles

I just purchased this car. It is in MINT condition. I have checked out everything on this car, and all is working great. The A/C blows very cold air; however, when I have the fan turned up to it's maximum level, the air coming out of the vents comes out in a much lower flow than I would expect. The air coming out of the center (larger) vent comes out better than the two vents on the passenger side (the air flow coming out of these is almost non-existent). I have checked to make sure all the vent regulators are all the way open. Any suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
July 14, 2010.

Only when the fan is all the way up?

Dr. Hagerty
Jul 15, 2010.