2001 BMW 316

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 BMW 316 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 90000 miles

Hi, thanks for opportunity for asking my question.

I own the above vehicle which is off the road since I recently moved to Germany at short notice for a 2 year period with company car provided. I took it with me since I could not sell it at anywhere near a decent price due to lack of time and market conditions (best offer I had was 1100 quid!).

I will need it again in about 18 months so have it off the road in underground parking in the meantime, and wondered what is the minimum running I should do to keep it serviceable. I can't find any info anywhere regarding this and am currently putting about 10 miles on it every 4 weeks.

Would you know if this is sufficient and/or have any further advice?

Thanks in anticipation.

Mike D
February 16, 2009.

You should be fine mate, the battery will keep a charge and if you keep fresh gas in it you should have no worries.

Dr. Hagerty
Feb 17, 2009.